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  • Jonathan Huddleston

The Light of Jesus Warms Our Hearts

My favorite Christmas decorations are the faces.

I know, I know. The faces are all around me, all year long. But at Christmas they seem lit from within, glowing with more than candlelight and blinking red and green.

The faces of saints now past--my grandmother or Janet Carns, Jesus' mother Mary or her cousin Elizabeth.

The faces of amateur actors dressed as Mary and Joseph, angels and shepherds.

The faces of children gathered, and the way they remind me of my son's face back when he was still a child.

The faces of those who take time from their busy lives to take communion by candlelight. The faces of those who travel to join as family around Christmas trees.

The faces of those who stand in the cold to ring a bell and contribute to charity; the faces of those who need a helping hand. The faces beaming with joy, and yes, the faces of those who mourn in the holiday season, but know they are not alone.

God came to us as a human face--Jesus' face. As a baby, as a child, as a man; as a miracle-working healer, a revolutionary preacher, and a suffering Savior. In his face, we see God's glory. In his face, we know God's love.

In every face we see, Jesus looks back at us. Our love for one another, is our love for Jesus.

In every face we see, Jesus looks back at us.

The good news is that the God who made the heavens and the earth is not far away from us, but entered our groaning world in a human face. Where we gather in His name, He is there with us and for us, our Emmanuel.



  • Remember to share love this Christmas season, in Jesus' name.

  • Remember that tomorrow, December 18, our 10 a.m. Sunday service will have special Christmas skit and singing.

  • Remember that our Christmas Eve service is at 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

  • Remember that we do have Sunday worship on Christmas day at 10 a.m. I know this is family time, but consider coming as a family and enjoying a warm time of joy and sharing. We can even come in pajamas!

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