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  • Jonathan Huddleston

King Jesus on a Donkey

A donkey isn't a very regal animal, is it? This is not the sort of animal a king would ride, but the sort of animal that you would see the servants using as they went about the king's humble business.

As we come to Easter (April 17), Christians focus on the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. On Palm Sunday (April 10), we begin the story of Jesus' final week by talking about the way people praised Jesus as he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Throughout his ministry, whenever Jesus amazed people with his marvelous works of healing and love, they thought about trying to make him king. Throughout his ministry, Jesus resisted. He came to serve people; he didn't come to rule.

In the last week before his death, on Palm Sunday, Jesus finally allows the crowds to celebrate him, waving palm branches and singing praises, rolling out an impromptu red carpet of cloaks, declaring him to be the Son of David--the rightful King of Israel.

But Jesus doesn't get caught up in the hype. He describes himself as "gentle, riding on a donkey." While the others are celebrating, Jesus cries as he thinks of the suffering that will come to Jerusalem, and the suffering he will bear on behalf of Jerusalem. King Jesus, our Lord and Master, is a Servant--and he calls us to be servants, too.

Jesus is a Servant--and he calls us to be servants, too.

When I think of leaders I've respected who knew how to serve, I think of my father. My Dad was a missionary who really acted as the servant of the people of Bomili, Zaire; he was a teacher who really acted as the servant of the students he taught; he was a father who really acted as the servant of his family, my mother and my brothers and me.

If you are reading the blogpost, whether or not you are a part of the Laughlintown Christian Church family, I invite you to share something in the comments below. Who is someone you admire as a servant? Who has helped you see the Servant heart of Jesus?


  • Laughlintown Christian Church will join Oak Grove Church of Christ (Ligonier) for Maundy Thursday, April 14, to worship in memory of Jesus’ final Passover meal.

  • We will join several churches for an Easter Sunrise Service, April 17, 6:30 a.m. at the Ligonier Diamond.

  • Our Easter worship service is April 17, 10 a.m.; at 9 a.m. we will have donuts and fellowship.

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Nita Longo Weimer
Nita Longo Weimer
08 апр. 2022 г.

My mother was a wonderful servant of God and a exceptional example for her family.

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