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  • Jonathan Huddleston

Ends and Beginnings

I'm gone this weekend to attend Jakob's graduation. They call it a commencement ceremony.

When we graduate, we finish. When we commence something, we begin. I'm proud of my son because of all he has done over the past 4 years to graduate in good standing, the grades and the learning and the growing of his mind, the sports and healthy habits and growing of his body, the relationships and responsibility and growing of his heart.

I'm proud of him because of what he is finishing, but I'm also proud of him for what he is beginning. He's already talking employment and finances, getting his own place and trying a job while being prepared to switch tacks if the job doesn't work. He's already working hard at the certification that wasn't part of his degree, but will serve him in the work world.

I think that's how life works--we end things, and we begin things. Scripture tells us to remember the past (learn from it) and to forget what is behind (don't get stuck in it). Jesus talked about a right time for his work, and a right time to move on and leave that work to flourish without him.

Baptism is a burial of our old self, and a birth of a new self. Joining a new church builds on the work God has already been doing in our lives--and commits to a new work, with new joys and challenges. Every step we take to be the people we think God wants us to be involves the end of one pattern or habit that has brought us this far, and the beginning of new patterns or habits that will carry us to the next step.

Where is God moving your life? What is ending, and what is beginning?

Where is God moving your life? What is ending, and what is beginning?

The One who has been with us up until now, will still be with us through each change.



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